Sunday, 20 March 2011


The Magenta Soul loves to live life – not over come it. Magenta has the potential for anything. Magenta doesn’t believe in struggle they believe in getting what they want. A strong and noble soul, Magenta can see right through a situation to the truth, smile sweetly with humour and compassion show you what you didn’t want to know. Nothing daunts them; they are love with a backbone.
  • •    The vibration of Magenta is about our conscious understanding and use of the energy of love.
  • •    You are either emanating a loving vibration or you are not.
  • •    Your energy vibrates out into the world around you, through your every thought, word and action. The universe matches the vibrational signals of your thoughts and feelings and sends in more of the same. Your thoughts and feelings are then reflected back to you in the experiences you have in life. If you do not like what you are experiencing in life, simply change the vibration you are putting out.
  • •    That which observes energy can change energy. The mind is an amazing tool it has the ability to create the physiological illusion of time and objects it has the ability to transcend time and objects.
  • •    Magenta assists to develop our intuition, to mature and balance our feminine energy, enabling us to mother and give to ourself when needed not leaving our needs or responsibilities to others or outside forces but learning how to nurture, comfort, protect, cleanse and nourish our body, mind and soul.
  • •    Magenta holds our Soul’s blue print. As a collective, man is slowly recognizing who he is, investigating a new way of thinking realizing that he is a powerful creative force.
  • •    The intelligence of Magenta is the creative force of love in action. The first love is the conscious love of Self, the love of the Divine and noble aspect of our being.
When Magenta is out of balance:
  • •    Someone who is confused about how to give love, feeling if others are not happy they cannot be happy.
  • •    A person who has issues with feeling responsible for others, over caring for others or has problems in caring for their own needs in life.
  • •    Someone who over mothers but does not taking care of them self hence does not have balance in their life.
  • •    Someone who sacrifices their needs for the needs of others. Someone who is busy saving the world but cannot save themselves.
  • •    Issues of not being grounded, focused or manifesting ones own needs in life.
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